Nature is the energy & excitement that I enjoy capturing through this fluid means of color. Painting all the elements of nature plein air offers the very best experience, weather permitting. I love painting on site whenever possible, and am often taking photos on my travels. For studio painting, I access my photos, some taken by friends as well, and I can paint late into the night, continuing in dreams.



Wildlife provides so many opportunities to capture beauty. Always enjoying a connection with nature, I love studying wildlife and am fascinated by their dignity, strengths, endurance, loyalty, curiosity & sense of presence. I learn so much as I attempt to express their essence with my water medium.

As you walk daily on the earth, I hope you also find great pleasure encountering how beautiful our planet is. Painting the vastness helps me appreciate being here even more.

Water is such an inspiration for many artists, including me.
Ocean, lakes, rivers & streams, the movement of water beckons
 constantantly in motion, creating reflections, shadows & sparkling light that capture minute changes in fleeting fluid moments. The power surging beneath, or the calm stillness of the surface- all express the multitude of elements that create and circle the Earth with life.

The sky is
nature's truest watercolor
in every sense of the word. It invokes realms of endless images as the clouds
 float along in their own time & space. Constantly changing, the sky is the infinite force of nature, creating color, light & moisture by the invisible presence of the wind. 

Sky Portals
Take a look through these circular ports to see the sky. The circle is a powerful and meditative source to explore with in and beyond.

My kit became completely portable with these mini plein air paintings.

Free Form & Tempera

Spontaneous process art, a true joy to be IN the making. Please see the link to The Painting Experiece. I happily recommend it!

Tile Murals
Imagine your home and offfice with walls & floors like never before! Watercolors can also be transferred onto ceramic tiles, becoming water proof murals. Now you can enjoy watercolors anywhere!