I have always been facinated with the sky and the constantly changing shapes & forms of color, light, atsmophere and contrasts. The sky is my all time favorite element, as it includes all posibilities &
is infinate as the circular form, as these are all round Portals.
The relationship to land, water & creatures extends it's limits beyond all knowing.
The mystery of the universe is before me as I peek through Sky Portals.


Azurite Setting Sun

Dragon Cloud

Heavenly Sky

Colorado Vivanite Sky

Opal Cresting Sky

Mosaic Skyscape

Lone Pine Sunset

Stormy Agate Sky

Key West Sunset

Twilight Skyscape

Magma Mist Sunset

Popcorn Clouds

Swirling Celestial Body

Sky of Drifting Vapor

Pines In
Aquamarine Sky

Floating Lapis Sky

Spinning Sky Portal

Brewing Clouds 

Spinning Twilight Marble

Lazurite Wave

Scattered Clouds
Rose Sky Portal
Rose Sky Portal
Aqua Sky Portal
Aqua Sky Portal
Violet Sky Portal
Violet Sky Portal

Breitenbush Sky
Breitenbush Sky
Flight Sunset
Flight Sunset
Sunrise Trees
Sunrise Trees
Sunburst by Christine Dougherty

Up Through the Birches by Christine Dougherty
Up Through the Birches
Looking West , transparent watercolor by Christine Dougherty
Looking West